Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.

Our experts adapt to your ecosystem.

Our Solutions

Our portfolio is designed to wrap around your goals.

Dedicated Brains

Our most battle-hardened experts take a dedicated position in your team. You set the tactics and you call the shots.

Your idea, our team.

We work with your concept to make it a reality. Our teams work with your strategy and timeframe. We scope, build, test and deploy.

Product Management

When your team needs a push in the right direction, we come to deliver both the tactical and strategical steps to help the fish takeover the dry land.

Solid Support

Evolution needs stability to continue. Our teams can help and maintain your ecosystem flourish with the right amount of attention.

Digital Adaptation

When your challenge doesn’t fit the frame. We flourish when out of the box solutions are needed to help the lizard grow wings. In order to deliver we collaborate with our extended network of partners to tackle a bigger predator

Spread the word.

When all is set and done, and you need to make your success visible. Our loudest team members come into play to make the whole forest listen.

An evolution hub for solving digital challenges.

Before intelligence comes integrity. Our teams are bound by strict non-disclosure agreement and are well prepared to adapt your values as their own. We don't let a client down, not because floods don't happen, but because we have to share the same planet when the water resides. Our good name is our only marketing strategy.

  • All experts bound by NDA and EvoTech Code of Conduct
  • All experts are vetted to the highest IQ and Technology standards
  • Our experts are our only asset. We treat them as such and we expect the same from you

We don’t take our estimations lightly.

But they won’t cost you anything, however we will need some of your time. We engage a product owner and a senior solution designer to study the environment early on and avoid any misunderstandings.

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Our favorite tools.

We evolve our tool set constantly - we do not like to limit ourselves to just a few technologies, so we display only the main pools.


Front End Stack

Angular, React, Vue, Typescript


Back End Stack

.NET, PHP, Python, Java


DevOps Stack

AWS, Azure, Kubernetes, Jenkins


QA Toolset

Selecium, Cucumber, Postman, LightHouse

Work with us, not for us.

Come join the Evo Tech team and see how an evolution hub works. All members of our organization own a piece of the business. Experience how a self-managed organization differs from having a boss to stifle your progress. We evolve when others stagnate.

Tell us about your
unique adaptations.

Let’s meet and see if
we share the same DNA.

Become you own leader
and thrive.

Let’s talk.

No better way to see what is possible than a simple old-fashioned conversation. We promise not to bite.

Office Address:
1408 Sofia, Bulgaria

Working Hours:
9:00AM To 6:00PM